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So.. I have been on microgestin birth control for many years now. I rarely miss a pill, but when I do, I usually take it immediately the following morning which I have read is fine, and then I spot for a couple days because of it.

Last Monday, I forgot to take my birth control, first time in a long time. Tuesday I took it first thing. Take it regularly same time every I started bleeding last Tuesday. Normal for missing your BC, but then I got my period heavy, like blood clotting & heavier period...and it lasted until today, which is a week later. I have spotting today and yesterday, and not as bad. But I am a little freaked out?

Is this normal? How long will it last? I have never had it last so long after screwing it up only one day. I take it regularly. Any help would be great so I stop worrying.
Dear treeoflife,

The body doesn't always react the same way in similar situations. No one can tell you what your body will do.

When the bleeding stops get a regular check up and discuss what occurred with your doctor.
DEpends on how close to your real bleed you were. Nothing is wrong but I would check withyour pharmacist about when to start the next pack.

Next time you miss one and take it the next morning, take that day's pill that night and then pick up the regular one the next day

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