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OK - how about the IUD? Here's some info about the 2 main types that are used.

Pro's and cons:

Copper type Paraguard T: Only needs replacement every 10 years - no hormones used so no side effects other than perhaps a heavier period, reversable so that you can have kids again (it is inserted by your doctor and removed by your doc), you have had kids already so your a prime candidate for it's use due to the size of your uterus.

CON - although it is EXTREMELY rare, you can get an ectopic pregnancy which can facilitate the possible loss of an ovary and or fallopian tube. I personally had one for 2 years after the birth of my son and loved it - then I became the rare one percent who gets pregant while on one. You can read about my story by doing a web search under "IUD FAILURE". As long as you go into the procedure with this rare occurance in mind, you won't have any surprises and you'll love the ease of it's use.

Mirena progestin type: also needs very few replacements (I think every 5 years perhaps), reversable so that you can have kids upon removal, you are prime candidate because you have a child and your uterus is big enough, because there is a hormone additive, this IUD is probably even more effective at birth control than the copper type IUD.

CON - because it has hormones you may experience some abnormal bleeding patterns like long periods or break through bleeding. OR your period may even stop all together. Also a very small chance of ectopic pregnancy like with the copper type. Price - my doctor quoted $900 if insurance didn't kick in any discount. I'm not certain about the copper type - I had mine put in in 1997 and at the time I believe I paid $300 out of pocket for it.

I myself have had bad luck with birth control as well so I do understand where you coming from. I got pregnant while using both condoms and sponges TOGETHER, I got horrible side effects from estrogen pills, I get yeast and bladder infections from anything with spermicide, and I got pregnant while using an IUD. Currently I take the non estrogen type of birth control pills called "mini-pills". SO far so good....but in order for these pills to work on you, you have to religiously take them every day at the SAME time without fail.

I really wish you the best of luck!

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