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I gained weight pretty quickly when I began Alesse. The weight didn't go away.
I also felt nauseated during the first month, and occasionally during months after that.

My biggest complaint/issue with Alesse is that it caused extreme moodiness, depression, vaginal dryness, lack of interest in sex, and of course, the weight gain and bigger breasts.
That is definitely encouraging! How long did it take for you to see a difference? I've been on Alesse for 14 months and my moodiness has become worse every month. After recommendations from my doctor, and complaints from my husband that I've turned into a witch who never wants sex, I've decided that my best bet is to not use any hormonal form of birth control. My final pill was today, so I'm hoping to feel better within a couple of weeks. And if I lose the 10 lbs that I've gained on the pill, that would be even better...but I just want to stop crying every single day about stupid things and be myself again!!

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