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[QUOTE=loralei;2158674]Generics are exactly the same, just cheaper. If you look next to the name Aviane, Allese, whatever, it will tell you the name of the estrogen/progestin and the amount. The hormones are the same. Don't get duped by the drug companies who try to make you think the flashy brand-name is better. Such a rip off. Marketing folks always rely on the public's unfounded trust of "brand" names. Remember doctors and pharmacists do get free vacactions and incentives to push these brands instead of the generics.[/QUOTE]

You might not ever read this, but I wanted to set the record straight. I'm a nationally certified pharmacy tech with a number of years under my belt, and we do not ever get offered vacations or anything nice from drug companies. The most they offer us is a few pens or a notepad, maybe an occasional pill counter & spatula combo. Don't be duped into thinking we're out there trying to push brands. I push generics. If we can sell them, the FDA is clearly certain that they do just as well of a job. I'm taking generic Alesse, in the form of Barr Labratories' Aviane, and it works wonderfully. For the record, too, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals discontinued brand-name Alesse. Typically, brand name drugs end up discontinued after generics have infiltrated the market.

I promise you, generics are the exact same thing and they work the same way... I was on Aviane for a while and had no problems. Anyone who contests that is imagining things. I guess things could be different in countries other than the US... but here the USDA mandates that generics be the exact same chemical makeup or 'bio-equivalent' of a brand-name drug. Look up generic drugs in an online encyclopedia like Wiki if you're still worried, but *don't listen* to people that tell you it's something to be concerned about!
I've been on the generic form of Alesse (Aviane), for 3 years. Prior to that, I was on Alesse for a year, Ortho Tri-Cylen for a year, and Alesse again for a year. I had no changes whatsoever in switching from the Alesse to the Aviane. No pregnancy, no missed periods, no spotting. The only time I had any issues were when switching from Alesse to Ortho and back.

While it is smart to be wary, in my experience there were no differences in the two versions of the same prescription.

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