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[QUOTE=navywifemaine]Im looking for a birth control pill with the following criteria

-wont cause weight gain
-wont cause acne(one that would help clear it up would be great)
-wont diminish sex drive
-wont cause vaginal dryness
-wont make me grouchy
-one that helps with cramps
-one thats available in canada

Also,how much does it cost and do I need a prescription to get it?

Please relpy with your experiences with bcp and your reccomendations..

Thanks you[/QUOTE]

I use Alesse and have been since May.

-hasn't caused weight gain
-HELPED with my acne. My face has improved more and more every month.
-no difference in sex drive
-no difference in vaginal dryness
-cramps & moodiness as part of pms about the same
-but not sure if it is available in canada or not

Yes you need a prescription to get it. The best thing you can do is go to your gyno and she/he will help you find the best one. Every woman has a slightly different experience with any of the pills.

Good luck finding the right one for you.

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