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Re: Iud
Jan 21, 2004
I actually have an appointment with my gyn this coming monday to talk about getting an IUD. I want one of the non-hormonal ones. I have tried pretty much EVERY kind of birth control pill, you name the brand, I've probably taken it...and am on Allesse right now. I think I'm just one of those people who can't deal with hormones. Every brand of pill I have taken has caused nausea, massive weight gain (like 20 to 30 pounds, but losing it quickly as soon as I stop taking the pills), making me way overly emotional....I have cried at cheesey annoying car sales commercials while on the pill! and they just absolutely KILL my sex drive. Depo was a nightmare. I am really hoping that this works for me, as I am in a very long term monogomous relationship, and we really don't want to use condoms, and I am allergic to spermacides. I would also be intersted to hear from others with experience with IUD's. :)

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