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Thanks for replying. Robste, it's funny, because i've had the exact opposite problems! For example, my periods used to be long, usually over a week, sometimes two weeks. And i had my period about every three weeks. Alesse has lived up to its promise of making my periods lighter, shorter and regular. Maybe you just need to give it a few more months? It took a few months for my periods to regulate and for the nausuea to go away. It helped my acne too. The moodiness is the only real con for me. It's so funny though, because right now is the time of month that i'd usually be most emotional/moody, but i'm feeling great! The thread i made that lead to the making of this thread is under "Relationship Issues" and is called something like "not sure what to name this, help?" Maybe i won't even need to switch birth control pills after all. But moods can be so unpredictable. In this case, i'm still going be looking into other birth control pills. Vlasik, thanks for the recommendation. Tell me how they work out for you; i'll add them to my list of pills to ask about, if i do end up switching.

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