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Alesse and acne
May 4, 2004
my doc just prescribed alesse, and though i haven't started taking it yet, i'm worried by some of the things i've seen here
i know that the effects are different for everyone, but i've read things as contridictory as alesse being one of the worst acne causing pills AND it being prescribed to treat acne.. i dunno how it could be both
if someone could help clear this up for me (no pun intended hehe) it would be greatly appreciated
i'm almost done with accutane and don't wanna have acne again!

thanks muchly,
he did tell me that it would help it, but after searching around here for a bit it seems like it's done the opposite for the majority of people here...
i guess i'll just try it and see
thanks for your input, i'm always relieved when i hear that someone has had a positive experience with it :)

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