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Ok about 6 months ago I got on Depo-provera and hated it. It caused me to bleed for 2.5 months straight. When my 3 months were up I switched over to the Nuvaring and have been on that since. The bleeding stopped but honestly I get swollen inside and it gets really painful after intercourse more often than not. This month on the Nuvaring I also had my period for 2 weeks straight and then off for a few days and then it's starting again.

My question is: Is this normal? Does anyone know? What's a good pill if I decide to change to that? Any help would be appreciated.

Before getting on BC I only got my period every 3 months or so and only for a week at a time. This constant bleeding and pain is really annoying for me esp when I am with my bf (he's great about it but I'm not)


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