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Hi everybody,

I'm wondering if I should possibly switch my birth control pill (I'm due for a new prescription in July). I've been on Alesse for over 2 years now, and I'm wondering if this may be contributing to an inability to lose weight? I know it's most likely not the only reason I'm having trouble losing weight, but if it contributes at all, I'd like to switch pills and see if that helps. I also find that I've been having quite sore breasts for the past 6 months or so, a lot of the time. They seem to be okay the week after I have my period, and then for the rest of the month, they're generally somewhat tender. At some points however, they can get extremely sore.

I've heard that taking a bcp with lower estrogen levels can help with not gaining any weight (as a side affect), does anybody know anything about this? And what is a good pill with a low estrogen level? Also, for those of you who have [B]switched[/B] bcp's, is there any risk of weight gain, or is that usually just a side affect that happens when you go on bcp's for the first time?? Any replies will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!!

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Hi. I'm not sure... but Alesse is a low-dose pill.
However, I take the same pill and I am sure I gain weight from it.
I stopped taking it for a few months in February-April and I definately lost weight. I don't weigh over what I should anyway.. so I just didn't have any fat deposits. Now I have been back on the pill for about 2 months, or a bit less, and I definately look a lot fatter. My thighs and hips mainly.. maybe a bit in the stomach as well. I don't feel as comfortable with my body anymore.
I generally gain about 3 kg (or 6.6 pounds) when I have been on the pill a while.

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