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[QUOTE=monarchangel;1118117]What pill do you take and how much estrogen does it have? I gained 15 pounds (exercise 4x a week) taking desogen, which has 30 mcg estrogen. I switched to microgestin, which has 20 mcg and I already lost 10 pounds and feel so much better. If your dosage is too high you will gain weight. Also depends on whcoh pill you take and the person.[/QUOTE]


I just switched to Microgestin. I was on estrostep which goes 20, 30, 35 loved it. But I hated the bloat in week two and three. So I went on one that was 20 all the time. I also tried Yasmin which I was on when I was younger, and felt huge and was retaining a lot of water and it was 30mg. I think I will try Microgestin for awhile. I am on month two, and my only complaint is tender breasts and a little breakthrough. But Yasmin made them even bigger!

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