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If you're worried about BCP, by all means, stop taking them. There are many alternative methods from easy to perm: condoms, diaphram, IUD, sterilization, etc. There are risks to taking ANY drug/medicine (even something as "normal" as aspirin). There can also be benefits. These two have to be weighed carefully the minute you take any drug.

My suggestion is that you go online and read (*). Read a LOT. Get information from multiple sources. Suss it out and see what YOU think. Then talk to a couple of doctors and see what THEY say. So many people have taken BCP for so long, there are lots of studies on them and lots and lots of data. (Including how long it takes to get pregnant after taking BCP.) There's lots of sites that will tell you about them, the way they work, what the risks are, the statistics, everything.

You can ALWAYS find someone with either an "everything's rosy" or a "gloom and doom" opinion on just about ANYthing. Doesn't mean either is correct. Information is the only thing you have to help you make the decision right for you.

(* I'd list links, but, that's not permitted. Sorry.)

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