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[QUOTE=NinjaCowboy]When I read the instructions for taking bc pills, or using the patch or nuva ring, it says to start using it at a certain point in your cycle. I have had my period for over 6 years(have been on depo about 6 1/2 years), so how the heck am I supposed to know when that is? Or does it not matter?

Another thing, I have heard that the pill is less effective in overweight women, and someone I work with said her doctor told her she can't use the patch because she is overweight - this surprised me, she is an average-sized gal.
Does anyone know if this is true?
If it is, why can't overweight women just take a higher dose of the pill or something?
Does anyone know if the effectiveness of nuva ring is affected by what you weigh? This one kinda worries me b/c this is what I am thinking of switching to, but their official website makes a big deal about the fact that it has lower doses of hormones, and I was slightly overweight to begin with and am much more so now since taking depo. (at 5'7", I'm about 240lbs )
So if I switch to something else, will it not work because I weigh too much???

Sorry that was so long and so many questions...[/QUOTE]

That is a good question because I havenít had a period since I stopped the Depo back in Nov. of 2003. I went on BC last month and had a period for the first time. MY doctor told me to start the pack on a Sunday even though I don't have a period but other people are telling me that you suppose to start your first pack after your cycle ends on a Sunday. I don't want to risk getting pregnant off of something no one is sure about so I stopped taking the pills right after I got off of my period. My boyfriend is a little upset but I told him I need more answers before I can start the pill again. Plus I want the Ortho-Lo type of pills next time.

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