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my doctor prescribed Alesse birth control for me and since it is a very lose dose of hormones i was just wondering if anyone has experienced an increase in breast size while on it. if so how much? i am very flat chested and am hoping there's still a chance that it might do me some good up top as an added bonus!
mine get about 1/4 of a cup bigger. i do that on any birth control. i'm off everything right now and miss my boobs:(. so does my boyfriend:).
anyone else care to share ? so far my post has gotten 30 views but only 2 replies. yes i know it's a vain question but this birth control thing is new to me and i cant hlep but wonder :wave:
i've been on it for almost 3 weeks now and havent noticed any changes yet. it's weird though because during my period a couple months [B]before[/B] i started birth control my breasts got very swollen and sore which is unusual, but went back down to normal size. on my next period still before i started the pill they increase about a cup and a half, but didnt go back down! it happened very quickly too. it probalby wouldnt be that odd except that i'm 22 years old and definitely not pregnant or anything since i was a virgin until after i started the birth control. they have been sore since i started the pill but not swollen yet so i'm curious to see if anythign happens again!

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