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I know this post is old but I really wanted to get my story out there for anyone researching about the patch.

To begin with I have PCOS which requires me to be on birth control in order to function, I had been on diane35 birth control since I was 17 and was perfectly fine, when I changed to the ortho evra patch is when my health turned upside down.

During the 6 months I had been on it i was constantly sick, nauseous every morning, full blown hives 5 times a week, and could not eat because I was so sick and actually throwing up almost twice a day.

This went on the whole time, and I know it sounds rediculous that no doctor told me to get off it, I had complained to my family doctor and endrocronologist (hormone specialist) but they just shrugged it off asking what I ate and saying I should just get allergy tests.

The only time I would not get sick at all would be the instructed 1 week break period a month where i was not on the patch. I realised that had to be it, I stopped the patch right away and feel absolutely normal. Its been two months since and I havent been sick or gotten hives since.

Obviously everyone is different, but from the report of the original poster, thats really scary, so girls please beware, the bc patch may be a convenience but take with caution

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