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[QUOTE=Kippie]Yes, that is corret, it is generic for Mircette. I have taken both of them and really like them. They are a lot lower dosage than other BCPs so the side effects aren't as bad. Also, on the last week (from my understanding), the dosage tapers down instead of just being "sugar pills", making AF a little more bearable. That's just been my experience with them.[/QUOTE]

Thank you, Kippie, for letting me know what your experience on Kariva/Mircette was. I've been switched from Ortho Try-cyclen to Kariva because I have extremely heavy and very painful periods, and because I'm on the heavy side, my gyn said that Ortho wouldn't work b/c I make enough estrogen, but not enough progestin, and that Kariva would work better for me. My gyn also mentioned that I might also have some spotting on this pill, as well as I might even skip a period or two. Have you had any of these symptoms? Just curious. Thanks again.

Take care!


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