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i know some people get bigger breasts on birth control pills and some don't, but i was jsut wondering about personal experiences. if yours did get bigger, did it happen fairly quickly or gradually over time. if it happened gradually was it due to weight gain?
mine swell just about every month. Sometimes they stay bigger for a while and other times they go back down. I can actually fluctuate between a big A and a small C. It is painful and painful and painful! I didn't start getting this often until this past year or so. I have been on Depo for almost eleven years. I didn't gain any weight, and just now may be b/c I quit smoking and I am on disability so I am couch bound a lot and not active anymore. It is possible that it got worse b/c I am older now and my own hormones could be changing, or it is just hormones, or it is the shot. I honestly don't know. I may be stopping depo in Feb,-but you know what, I think it is pms and then magnified b/c of my bc. I wish I knew!
It always happens in the first pack for me. I go from not quite an A cup to a full A.
MY boobs get very Tender while on birth control pills and do swell up more.So the pill can make them fuller..not super noticable to others just yourself...
that's odd, or maybe i am lol. mine didnt swell at all for a long time, then when i started getting really bad periods a couple times before i started birth control they'd swell, go back down or swell and then just stay bigger. they havent done that since i went on birth control a few months ago. they do swell a tiny bit but nothingl ike before. they dont even hurt when they do now thankfully.
my breasts diffently swell up the week fo my period. I'm on Otho Try Cyclen 28 day.
mine to very sensitive a week before my period and i can barly have a bra on thats how much they hurt sometimes gets me nervous lol.
but the only thing i notive before i started bc i was a a cup and when i started i noticee my a were to small so now for 2 in a half years i am a b now which i have no problems with lol
my question wasn't so much about normal swelling closer to your period. i meant it for people who's breasts grew on bc and stayed that way, not went up and down depending on the week of the month.

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