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Yasmine is a birth control pill. Normally, you'd need to start taking the first pill on the first day of your period if you want to be protected from pregnancy that month. But you said you weren't using it for birth control. So, I think if you want to just not have your period during your cruise, you would need to start the first pack on 01-02-05, or whenever you start your next period. However, since Yasmin, I think, is a 28-day pack, you would need to continue to take the active pills (usually they are white) (the last week of the pack are placebo pills that make you start your period) until you get home from your cruise. That would mean you need to have a new pack of pills to start around 1/30 I suppose. Hope that makes sense. Shame on your doctor for not explaining all this to you! It's realy not hard though, just keep taking the ACTIVE PILLS once you start your period in January until you get home from the cruise.

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