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[QUOTE=Gwen67]Hi there!

I need help with switching my birth control brand...
I have been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen for about 9 months now and been relatively pleased with it (have experienced no side effects)....until i read the thread about OTC and depression. This made me think maybe my birth control is responsible for the more "downward" moods i've noticed in the last 6-7 months!
Other than this my only real qualm with OTC is that it is a triphasic pill and therefore makes it difficult to skip periods with.

Soo, my question is about Alesse. I was thinking of switching to it b/c it's a monophasic pill so i could skip my periods with it.....BUT now i've been reading about so many people who have had weight gain, breakthrough bleeding, and skin problems on Alesse.
I know everyone is going to be different on different pills, but is it very likely that i will experience side effects on Alesse if i had none with OTC ?? (i also have never had any problems with periods/cramps/pms or my skin)
Has anybody switched from OTC to Alesse? Or actually any other pill with low side effects?

Thanks for your help!![/QUOTE]

There is no way to tell if a certain pill will cause the undesireable side effects. You just have to try it.

ALso, there is a difference between true depression and the standard moodiness that the pill can cause. Just make sure you aren't confusing the two. General moodiness isn't a great reason to switch pills, when you aren't experiencing any other side effects.

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