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[QUOTE=Pesh]Okay, I'm on the pill (Kariva, generic for Mircette) and take it at the same [B]exact[/B] time every day. I have never missed a pill. I am sexually active, but also use condoms along with taking the pill. I am on the last week of my second pack.

Here's my concern....since I'm my 2nd pack, I still have a lot of break through bleeding, but am now on the Wednesday on my blank pills, and still really haven't gotten a period, although I have had like break through every day. I'm nervous about there a chance I could be pregnant? Could my period just be really light and seem like break through bleeding?

I'm scared about this, any help is appreciated - thank you!![/QUOTE]

There's always a chance of pregnancy, however, it's unlikely in your case. It's normal for your cycle to be irregular and to experience break-through bleeding when starting the pill.

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