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First off, what is break through bleeding? Is it spotting or a flow or both?

Here is my story. I am 9 weeks post partum(sp). My doctor put me on a low dose BC (ERRIN) because I am breast feeding. About a week after taking them, I started bleeding. This was Feb. 13th. I assumed it was my period and that the pills possibly initiated it. It was very heavy at first. Heavy like when I came home from the hospital. It tapered off after 5 days like my periods before my pregnancy. Well, Saturday Feb 26th, it started up again and I am still bleeding. It is flowing like a normal period. I am very abscent minded and have missed five pills. The directions say to stop taking them and start a new cycle when my period starts. Should I be worried about this bleeding? My sister told me I shouldn't unless it lasts over 7 days. This is like having two periods over 2-3 weeks. I looked Errin up online and it didn't say anything about bleeding.

hello blue eyed girl,
I remember you from the pregnancy board - as you were due around the same time as myself. I had my baby on 12/23/04 and I was just coming on here in hopes that someone could give me a little info on my birth control problems also. But to answer your question, my doc said that breakthrough bleeding is more like spotting and it can happen when you are taking birth control pills but it usually stops happening once your body adjusts to it (which can take up to 3 months she said). But if you miss pills you may start bleeding and with you having missed as many as you did, I would imagine that what you are having is actually your period but you should call your doc and ask what you should do because it may be that you should start a new pack (if that is indeed your period). I too am having some bleeding problems and am going to post a new thread in hopes that someone can help! good luck and glad to see I am not the only new mom having these problems!

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