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[QUOTE=da_genie]I have just started my second pack of BC, (Ortho-Novvum 7/7/7). I don't know if it differs between the diff. pills or not, but i was curious as to how long it takes to see advantages such as larger breasts, less acne, or any weight changes. Also, my period was slightly irregular before the pill, and about 2 wks ago i had a brown discharge for 4 days, then it stopped; it has been 31 days since the start of my last period. Should i be getting it soon, or might i skip it I doubt i am pregnant, i have only had sex 2x and we also used condom). Or could that spotting have been a weird early period? Any thoughts would help, thanks! I am 19, if that would have any effect on this.[/QUOTE]

The pill doesn't cause breast enlargement in all women. Nor does it help acne in all women-- some women break out worse. Likewise, weight gain doesn't happen with all women, either.

But, normally, affects are evident after only a few weeks.

It's normal to spot while using the pill, especially during the first couple of months. If the spotting continues a few cycles into the pill, let your prescriber know. You may need a stronger pill. It's also normal to not get your period, however, there's no hurt in taking a pregnancy test. Nothing is 100%.

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