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My dr. did leave the strings longer (I can feel them quite well) for the same reason, she said you have better luck of them not poking. Of course she forgot she was talking to me, seems everything is always backwards or something! Anyways, we're gonna try to hang in there in hopes that they will move, or maybe the dr can move them so they're not so uncomfortable for my husband. I don't think I'll have them trimmed, if in another 2 months or so they still poke I may go back again and see what we can do.
Redtree - I was worried about all the bleeding that I read about before I had it inserted and read on another message board that you could continue taking the birth control pill for the first month to cut the bleeding. I did that (my dr. said it wouldn't hurt but she didn't advise it) and only bled the first few days after insertion. I have 4 more pills left then will see what happens, not sure if I have prolonged the bleeding or sent it packing! I have a funny feeling it's going to be a hard period, I've had cramps off and on this whole month. I'm really hoping like you that this IUD works, I'm tired of remembering to take a pill and dealing with side effects, this seemed like a dream come true. Hang in there...hopefully the pain and bleeding will be worth it.

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