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[QUOTE=Roxygirl]Ok, I have 3 days to make my decision about switching from Alesse to Yasmin. The problems I have with Alesse (I've been on it 1.5 years) are that I'm always hungry and have gained weight (size 8 to a 12) and my face isn't as clear as it used to be on Ortho-Tri. I heard that Yasmin is the best if you have acne and if you don't want to gain weight. What about moodiness? Lack of sex drive? Longer of shorter periods? Please help![/QUOTE]

Yasmin, like all birth control pills, can cause acne. It can cause weight gain. It can cause moodiness, and it can affect your sex drive. Ideally, any birth control should shorten your period.

There is no way to know how YOU will react to Yasmin. You'll just have to try it.

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