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Thanx you so much! do you know how long do you have to wait in order for the pill to work? I heard that it just doesnt work right away it takes a while. So does that mean that i have to use condoms until the pills work? So let me get this straight, are you saying that i can have unprotected sex for those three weeks up until its time to take the fake pills :) I have another question, how is it safe to have sex during that week that you take the fake pills when the body is getting itself ready to have a period. doesnt the egg come down. hold on my fault, only the lining of the uterus sheads right. Iam so sorry that i have so many questions but, this is all new to me. i have another question, ive heard so many stories about people forgetting to take their pill and they end up getting pregnant? Does this make start ovulating again if you miss a pill? is that why people get pregnant? What is breakthrough bleeding?

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