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Yasmine questions
Apr 29, 2005
Hi,i just started taking yasmine, its only the fifth day. i heard alot of positive things from it but ive also heard some very negative ones. i dont wanna gain weight and my doctor said that it can help wth people who have a porblem with gaining weight. although i dont have a problem with gaining weight i would also like to not gain weight either. i was on orthotricyclen before i switched to yasmine and didnt have any problems with it physically but emotionally it had me up the walls! can anyone tell me the positives about yasmine and some of the down falls. does it really make you have dark patches on your skin? does it really make your breast increase in size?(that would be a positive ;) ) my friend has been on it for about a year and she's said its like not even being on a birth control! she says its been great on her skin, hasn't made her gain any weight, but has increased her size in the twins... has anyone else had a positive experiance like hers?

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