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I was on Depo for 2 1/2 years. Because they came out with a new guideline in November 2004 (should only be on it for 2 yrs) I had to go off it. I loved the Depo. It was so convienient, and pretty cheap too. I gained about 5 lbs, but I needed the extra weight. When I went to my gyno two weeks ago, I asked her to put me on the pill that lets you have 4 periods a year (I forgot which brand name, but now remember--Seasonale). She put me on Lo-Ovral and told me to take the 21 active pills from the first two packs, and then on the third to take them all. I have been taking them for two weeks, but realized it didnt add up. (For three packs, it would be 10 weeks of pills, not 12, and I would get 5 periods a year). I have since contacted the pharmaceutical company to ask about the safety of that b/c I read somewhere that Seasonale was the only one approved by the FDA for that use. My doctor's office is closed for a few days, so I'm not sure what they have to say about all this. Anyone have any similar experiences??[/QUOTE]

While Seasonale is the only brand marketed to skip periods, many women use other birth control brands for the same effect.

As far as the "how-to," you should take the 21 pills in each pack as directed, back to back. You can't take the 4th week of pills in the pack because there is no active hormones in them, and you'll end up getting your period. There is no brand of pills that has 28 days of active pills. Yes, you'll have fewer weeks, but that's a disadvantage of not using the brand Seasonale. Or, you could just use 4 packs of the Lo/Ovral back-to-back, which would give you the 12 weeks, anyway. The choice is yours.

Most of the medical community agrees that it's safe (and even beneficial) to skip your periods. However, many women are unable to successfullly do so, and spot or have their periods anyway.

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