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[QUOTE=curiosity]I'm also curious, because I heard the patch is just as effective as the Pill. I was on the patch but it was crap quality...didn't stick at all, so I've switched to the pill, which is also ortho (ortho trycyclin) so it should work the same.
I was planning to have sex with a condom and spermicide (to of course be safer and help with lubrication on the regular condom) while on the pill which I will be starting Sunday. I won't have sex until I'm sure that the pill has kicked in however, but I'm just curious on how effective the three are together.[/QUOTE]
How long you been on it? it takes at least 3 months to sink into system, But if you use condoms too, youll be fine after 1 or two. Ive been on pill for 4 years, but i recently changed to a spanish pill, and i wouldnt of been protected.

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