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I was just wondering how long others have gone without there periods using the birth control pill safely. I take it for endometriosis. It keeps me from forming painful cysts and my when I get my period I get extreme pain and sometimes the pain does not go away after my period is done even. So I have gone longer then normal in supressing my periods this time because of a serious back injury. I just had surgery a month ago and am still recovering. So I have been in so much pain from my back injury this last 4 months that I have not let myself have a period for a total of 6 months. I would not have been able to tolerate the extreme pain from my period and the extreme pain from my back injury. So how long have others gone without having there period. I know some people will say it's bad to supress your period there is always controversy but my doctor has prescribed this for my treatment. I just want to hear from those who have done this themselves. How long has there doctor said it was OK to go without your period.

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