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Re: Estrostep FE
Aug 15, 2005
i've thought about asking about yasmin...thats what my derm recommended i try last year. but i'm kind of scared to start a new pill. i dont want to have to go through the 3 month waiting period again. and i'm worried about having nasty side effects. i dont know. how do you feel on yasmin? have you been having any adverse effects? i guess i'll see what my gyn says if she ever calls me back.

i'm leaving wednesday morning...probably coming back either late thurs night or friday morning.

ok well she just called me & now i'm freaking out! she said she wants to see me & do a sonohistogram (sp?), which she says is a vaginal sonogram & then she will insert a catheter through my cervix & inject water into my uterus to get a good picture of whats going on in there. she said that after this long this shouldnt be happening & i could have lesions on my uterus! so i have to make an appointment for 7-10 days after my next period starts...well who the heck knows when thats gonna be?! i have no idea! it hasnt been regular in months! she said she doesnt want to switch my pill till we do this procedure because it could just be a waste of time. holy cow! this is nuts! i'm trying not to freak out but this just got super scary!

she also said i could double up on pills for this btb but she doesnt recommend that because she doesnt think it works. well i think i'm gonna try it anyways so that maybe i'll stop bleeding & then i'll finish my pack sooner & can get this freakin procedure done sooner so i can stop freaking out. does anyone think this is not a good idea? oh boy...i'm starting to panic.

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