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[QUOTE=weaverme3]I've been on orthotricyclen lo for 4 months now. I've never had a consistent period until now (I didn't have a period for approx. 5 years).

My first three periods on the pill were really early (3-5 days before starting the green pills). Today I took my last dark blue pill and have absolutely no signs that my period will start tomorrow (no cramps or anything).

My boyfriend and I have been having sex without any protection beyond the pill...I've been incredibly consistent taking the pill at the same time every day and never missing a pill...could I be pregnant, or is my body just adjusting to the pill? I'm a little scared...

I assumed that being on the pill would make my periods really reliable, but I could be wrong? Anyone had a similar scenario???[/QUOTE]

There's very little risk of pregnancy if you've been taking the pill perfectly (scheduling, as well as avoiding products that interact with the pill, etc).

Most women don't start their periods on the first inactive pill, either. They start several days into the inactive week. Chances are that you're body is just adjusting to the hormones, too.

It isn't considered a "missed" period until you start your new pack. If by then you still don't have your period, take a pregnancy test to calm your worries.

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