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There is a correlation between bc pills and breast growth. It's the estrogen in the pills. I have been on this pill for almost 2 months, I am on the 2nd week of pills in my 2nd pack. I noticed my breasts are bigger, like they are more full and heavy, but not sore at all. When I was on OTC, which is what I switched from, my breasts hurt so bad the 3rd week of pills I wanted to cry! They felt swollen and tender is the only way I could describe it. Now it's weird b/c they say it's the estrogen in the pills, BUT the only time my breasts hurt on OTC was the 3rd week and that was the week with the highest progestin in it and both OTC and ovcon-35 have the same amount of estrogen. hmmm... Now Ovcon-35 has twice the progestin all month than that 3rd week did, but my breasts don't hurt at all, and they haven't so far in the month and a half i've been on this pill. I would say it's temporary. Don't get discouraged with this pill b/c of sore breasts b/c so far i LOVE this pill! :) I haven't heard that many complaints about it other than breakthrough bleeding, which i never got. So you should get used to the hormones by your 3rd pack. :) Good Luck! Keep me updated!

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