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PreYasmin I had moderate acne and eventually I found out that high levels of testosterone was the culprit. I was worried about taking a BCP because of the horror stories, especially since my period came regularly with no pain and I had a stable though not ideal weight.

When I was on Yasmin for 2 years my skin was clear with minimum care, and my period was regular- though I had some spotting issues the first month I started. I definitely did not notice any mood swings or cramping. My breast did go up one cup size, and that's before I gained 5 lbs in the last year.

September 2006 was the last time I used it, I had to stop because my prescription ran out and I had no insurance. Thereafter my period came as usual and my skin was still clear. However between March-July of this year my period did not come, and since February my face has been breaking out like it used to preYasmin days. I just saw my PA today for an annual checkup, and she said she doesn't think Yasmin was the culprit for my missing periods. It was probably triggered by stress around the beginning of that time.

I'm actually going to start taking Yasmin again this month, and I look forward to getting my clear skin back. I will keep an eye out for any weird mood swings or weight gain. Everyone's body is different so it's not surprising that other people's experience is different.

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