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[QUOTE=Longview]Im a newbie to BC..I started my period on July 23rd {Saturday} i couldnt start taking my pill the next day{sunday 24th} because i was at camp and didnt have i started it on the next sunday after that {July 31st}.well yesterday was 28 days for my next period to start {as i counted on the calendar this morning}..but i still have one more dark blue pill to take tonight then i start my placebo pills..but that means i won't be starting my period till 30 or 31 days, possibly 32??

did i i mess up on how i was suppose to start taking it since i had to skip that sunday while i was at camp? or will i be okay?[/QUOTE]

Birth control is supposed to be started sometime during your period as this is when the hormone levels are at their lowest. By starting the pill a week later, you're more likely to experience some irregularity. It's not "bad" perse, just not recommended.

Most women start their periods 2-4 days into the inactive/placebo tablets.

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