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I appreciate posts from people who have had [B]good[/B] experiences on Tricyclen Lo, because I just started it. Today I will be taking pill # 10.

My doctor said to me, when she wrote out my first prescription for Tricyclen Lo, that I was to do the Day 1 Start, and that since the pill is basically hormone pills, to add them on top of my period, I might experience some moodiness (or whatever you want to call it).

Well, have I had a bad first week on Tricyclen Lo! Crying, anxiety, etc etc, ... it's been a BAD BAD week, I'd say a nervous breakdown for sure.

[B]However[/B], keep in mind that at the same time I started my period and started taking Tricyclen Lo, I was having big stress regarding my job, and was feeling some stress regarding my boyfriend (and a couple other smaller issues that were giving me stress/concern).

So, I talked with the pharmacist where I get my meds, explained to her all the stuff that's been going on in my life when I started Tricyclen Lo (and told her what my doctor said about the possibility of moodiness etc when I first start taking the pill for the very first time), and the pharmacist's opinion that it was not Tricyclen Lo that was making me feel so badly, but likely ALL the stressors in my life, and that it was normal to feel a little out of sorts when I first start taking the pill.

I'll likely be seeing my doctor this week just to get some reassurance from her that Tricyclen Lo can still be the right pill for me, and that I shouldn't make a hasty decision to stop it.

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I'm only, like mentioned, on Day 10 on Tricyclen Lo and I don't want to make a rash decision to quit them, when for all I know, once all the stressors in my life are taken care of/disappear, that I will feel just fine on Tricyclen Lo.

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A good day to all,

Sassy Dee
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