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[QUOTE=cremebrulee][B] {removed} [/B] i read that if you start the pill mid-cycle you need a back-up method for two weeks. why did you decide to start mid-cycle? it is usually not advised unless you are a 100% sure you are not pregnant. when i spoke with my doctor, she said start during the first five days of starting my period or if i was absolutely certain i was not pregnant (that means have not had sex since last period) then i can start immediately.[/QUOTE]

Actually, this is incorrect. ANY time you start the pill, you are protected after seven consecutive days of perfect use. Many patients are advised to wait longer before having sex using only the pill as their sole means of contraception simply to ensure they are taking the pill exactly as directed and will thus have the fully extent of the pill's protection.

Starting the pill mid-cycle is generally advised against because of the effects on a woman's cycle. She may experience more breakthrough bleeding if she starts to take the pill mid-way through her menstrual cycle. However, after seven consecutive days of perfect use (ie no interfering substances, taken at the same time each day, not vomiting soon after taking the pill) the patient will be as protected by the pill as she will ever be. (99.9%)

Also, if a woman happened to take the pill while pregnant it would not harm the baby and the mother should be fine as well. It is simply inadvisable for a woman who's hormone levels are already sky-rocketing because of pregnancy to take even more hormones on top of those.

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