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I also have this problem. It does get better once you get used to it. I also noticed that it happens when I first wake up if I hadn't had anything to eat. I just restarted the patch last week. Today I'm going to be putting on my second week patch. As long as I eat a little something when I first wake up it's not so bad. I remember last time I was on it I didn't notice the nausea after the first few weeks anymore. Good luck! I hope it passes for you. I also know that I am not using it for birth control because last time I was on it I ended up pregnant. I'm using it to regulate my period and stop my face from breaking out. So the nausea went away after a few weeks and then during my 5th or 6th cycle it came back and I started throwing up and turns out I was pregnant. So if I start needed it for birth control I will be switching to a pill or something else.

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