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Hi guys!

I was on ortho tri-cyclen Lo for about six months (along with acne antibiotics and topicals) until my face cleared. At this point I then went off the OTC-Lo because I was stupid in thinking it had done its job and I no longer wanted to pop a pill every day. BIG MISTAKE. Three months later (once the pill was out of my system), my pre-menstrual acne returned. I went back on the pill, but this time to no avail. I also went back on antibioics. Well, these treatments didn't help this time around. Here I am almost 2 years later and one month into a nre BCP, [B]Desogen[/B].

I am curious to what others have to say about Desogen. I have been breaking out worse since halfway through the first pack up through the second week of the second pack. I am hoping this is the "intial breakout". How long should I give Desogen to work?

Thanks for any input :)

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