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B.C. pills (and any hormonal b.c. including the shot, patch ect) works by "simulating" pregnancy. Often women also experience dryness while pregnant. This is due to hormonal changes. Anytime you start a B.C. you should give your body 3 months to 'get used' to the hormones and balance out. There are over 40 kinds of B.C. pills, i'd switch until i find one that does work. They all vary in what hormones and what level. Make sure that you are trying a B.C. pill that has a different chemical make-up than the one you are on. For examplie if your pill is only estrogen try an estrogen/progestren combination pill (Depo Provera is only Progestren). They have pills that are "low estrogen" and "high estrogen" as well. Just because your doc prescribed a different brand.. doesn't mean the pill is that different. So do your research, and ask the pharmisit as well and your OB. It's a very common problem...most women just resort to using lube. Also, make sure your body is Hydrated, hormone changes can vary that as well. Drink lots of water. Good Luck!

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