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Well, [I]technically[/I], it wasn't a pill switch, per say. I've been on Ovcon-35 for a little over a year. The first eight months were fine. I had the usual side effects during the first three to four months: breakthrough bleeding, increased appetite, weight gain, etc. Then all of that subsided and things were going great. Then, after eight months, the manufacturer decided to change the colors of the pills. Therein lies the problem. Essentially, it's the same pill as far as active ingredients go. However, I did some research and found that the inactive ingredients in the new formulation are very different from the previous formulation (before the color change). Seems like not a big deal, but I'm a person that is extremely sensitive to side effects of any medication, not just bc.

Anyway, from the point that the colors were changed, (for at least four months now) I've had side effects all over again. It's like starting a whole different pill. The first month, I had breakthrough bleeding for two whole weeks, then it subsided. Then the next month my boobs shrunk to barely a 'B' (I'm normally a 38C!! :eek: ). Then, the following month, they went back to a 'C'. But, they're barely, and I mean just [I][B]barely[/B][/I], a 'C'. Also, this month (fifth month now, I think), my face has become blotchy and I've had to start taking a B complex vitamin because I started feeling depressed out of the blue. Again, these things started happening after the color change. The pharmacist said that my body may not be breaking down the estrogen in the pill in the same way it did with the old version. Sorry this is so long, but I needed to explain what was going on. Anyway, I'm now going to switch to Brevicon, as it is the closest thing out there to Ovcon-35. Hopefully, my body will react to it in the same way it did to the old version of Ovcon. :rolleyes:

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