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First of all I'm 18 and I'm a female just so you know who is telling you this information. I started birth control when I was 13 for the same reasons you are. Of course my reasons have changed over time, but I know the exact answer to tell you. I have been through about 10 different kinds of birth control including the pill, the patch, the extended pill (seasonale) and nuvaring. I'm on a pill now called Necon, and I love it but that's not the point. I was on the patch for about 1 year and a half and I really loved it. Then I started hearing on the news that the risk of blood clots and stroke was three times more than any other kind of birth control so I was scared and wanted to get off of it right away! So I went to my gynocologist and changed, however when I asked her about the patch she told me that the media was blowing it out of proportion because there is a risk like that for all kinds of birth control and the main people having the most blood clots were people who smoke or people who had already had some type of blood clot problem. So there is a risk associated with everything but as long as you don't smoke (that increases the risks VERY much and doctors usually won't even prescribe it if they know you smoke) and as long as you haven't had a history of heart attack or stroke or blood clots. So I loved it, and you will be fine with it, just know that everything has its risks. But if you are looking at other options and are good at remembering a pill every day I would say try a pill as well. Necon 1/35 really really really cleared up my acne and I only have a 2 day period. So it's absolutely wonderful but that's up to you. My patch seemed to come off when I went swimming, but the rest of the time it was cool too. Good luck with that and if you have any more questions feel free to post them!

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