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I had the same problem with Alesse. Approx a week-1.5 wks before I had reached the sugar pills my period started...or what is more commonly "spotting"...but I had the same problem with the heaviness- I would soak through pads within a few hours.

After 2 mos of that craziness I switched over to Diane 35 and found it to be much better (as in, no spotting or bleeding before I finished my active pills). It seems as though a lot of people had that problem with Alesse, because it has such a low hormone level (therefore not having many side effects). I would talk to your doctor about switching pills to one that's a little stronger (unless you want to wait to see if, after 3 mos of being on it, the bleeding subsides- I didn't wait and just swtiched after 2).

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