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[QUOTE=surfergirly]Ok so I took Plan B a few weeks ago and then started birth control a week after. I got my period a few days before I started taking ortho tri cyclen lo. I then went a week with no period but then I started again. It began as a thick brown substance. I think that happened because it started really slow therefore it sat on the pad for a while. If this is another period that I'm having I should end tomorrow because that's the 5th day. I am really confused though because a normal period for me goes 3 days then I have 1 day of nothing and then the 5th day I bleed a little. Sometimes they're shorter but this one that I'm having now hasn't let up at all. Would this be considered abnormal bleeding? Should I stop taking the pill? Is this happening because I took Plan B? I also have a question about birth control in general. What are the "reminder" pills? Why do we take these if there's no hormones? Won't this cause us to become pregnant? Can I actually move my period and shorten it? I really don't understand how this works. Any input would help out![/QUOTE]

That would not be abnormal bleeding. You have taken 2 types of pills in the last month(Plan B and OTC lo), both that can change when/how much you bleed. Do not stop taking the pill. You need to give your body about 3 cycles to get used to it. Plan B can effect your cycle too, so maybe that is why your bleeding was diffferent. As long as you took the 21 active pills in a row perfectly, you won't get pregnant during the placebo pills. The placebo pills are there to remind you to take a pill every day, and so you don't forget to refill the prescription. Do not wait until the last placebo pill to refill your prescription, because forgetting that 1st pill in the pack is riskier than any other pill. The active pills prevent you from ovulating, and if there is no egg, there can't be a pregnancy. As for moving your period or shortening it, maybe...maybe not. With triphasic pills, like OTC lo, skipping a period (2 packs of active pills in a row) may not work, you could still bleed, but maybe less. For shortening your period, probably not, it depends what your body thinks is right for you on the pill. It might be shorter/lighter because there is less buildup of the endometrial lining. This buildup is inhibited by the pill(So the endometrium is not prepared for pregnancy). The 3rd way a pill prevents pregnancy is changing the cervical mucous. I think this is what causes vaginal dryness, I recommend KY liquid if this gets bothersome.

Did I answer all your questions? If not keep asking, Its good to know as much as you can about a drug you are putting into your body, Also make sure you read the package insert and save it. If by chance you miss a pill, you will need to look up what to do in the package insert. If you already threw it away, you can look it up on the OTC lo website or google.

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