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Hi everyone,
I have a few questions. I have been taking birth control for almost a year now. First I was on Junel, but that lead to a lot of weight gain and me being paranoid all the time. I was really nervous and just overly paranoid. I felt out of control on it, and the weight gain was really upsetting, so I got off of that pill.
I had heard from my friend that Yasmin worked really well for her, so I thought I would switch to that. Well, to put it plainy, it has been a nightmare. I have completed four months on Yasmin, to give it a fair chance, but everything just gets worse month by month. I gained a little more weight, despite working out at the gym even MORE frequently (about 2 hours a day) and it's definitely fat and not muscle. I gained TWO bra sizes, going from a B to a D. I get so moody and irritated for 2 weeks out of every pill pack that I am hard to be around. I KNOW that I am being irrational, but can't control it, and that's the worst feeling ever. I cry all the time. I am normally a very happy and upbeat person.
Finally, over the weekend my boyfriend told me that he wants me to switch pills or get off the pill altogether. He said he knows how strange I feel on the pill and that he thinks my moodiness and general depression is getting WORSE as the months go.

So my question is for those of you who have had a bad reaction to Yasmin or Junel... are there any pills that DO work for you, and which ones are they?

I am talking to my doctor tomorrow, and I hope to have some suggestions for pills I could try. The moodiness is my MAIN concern, and the weight gain is second.

Thank you SO MUCH in advance for any help!

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