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I've heard that different BC have different lengths of time that the medication is effective in the body (hense needing to take them at the same time every day not missing to not get pregnant.) I've heard this figure range from 27 - 30 hours and I was wondering 1)where I can get more information regarding those stats 2) if anyone knows specifically about Ortho-Novum 1/35 (Nortrel, Norcon, etc.)

I'm 22, getting married in Sept. of this year and finally had my first gyno visit a few months ago (I'm a virgin and saw no reason for it before now) and she put me initially on Aviane (generic for Alesse) and I had PMS symptoms the whole month. bloaty, hormonal acne, horrendously tender breasts, breakthrough bleeding for more than 2 weeks, then early bleeding before I even got onto the sugar pills. It was not fun - so she switched me to Nortrel and although I haven't started it, just being off of of the other for the last few days has helped.

All that to say, knowing how long the meds are effective would really be helpful in training myself to take these things regularly - I never missed, but I've been a couple hours off before and I definitely don't need a suprise baby the first year of marriage!

I'd appreciate anything anyone could offer at this point - these message boards are great!

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