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Hey I missed your original post, but it sounds like you are in my boat. I had an IUD inserted a few months after my second child and it worked wonderful this was four years ago now that I want it out its a completly different story. The string has been missing for about a year, but my Gyno did an ultrasound and said it was still in place so not to worry about it, then when I decided to have it taken out she said she wanted to do it in the operating room because it would hurt, she said a five minute procedure under anesthia and that would be it, when I woke up she told me that she couldnt get it and that was it she rushed off, well she told my husband she was afraid that if she pulled any farther that she would have to do an emergency hystorectomy and she didnt have that authroity so she stopped. She would have to do surgery or something to that extent, She told My husband and he was freaked out because it was suppossed to last five minutes and it took an hour. She also told him I woudl be in a lot of pain and perscribed Percocet that I never got filled, knock on wood I was not in any pain! But I changed doctors because my original is at a hospital that I was not very comfortable with and she is really young I thought she probably did not have much experience with IUD's. I transferred my records to a different doctor with thirty years experience. I had my first meeting with him and he had not recieved my records yet but he had me do a ultrasounds which was fine, but the tech said that it looked to her like it was in the part of the uterus it was suppossed to be in and my original doc said it was embedded in the wall. I am awaiting my appointment on Friday to see what the new doc says, all I can say right now is that its out of my hands, and whatever happens is because that is what God wanted. I have never been put to sleep except for when she tried to remove the IUD. So I am knock on wood very healthy but I have had alot of side effects from my IUD, my acne is ridiculous and I have gained weight despite increased activity at the gym and better diet, my sex drive is also lowered. I will keep everyone posted though, prayers would be greatly appriciated!

[QUOTE=kycountrygirl;2448105]Since I originally posted about my Mirena troubles here, I'll post up an update here.

Yesterday I had my Laparoscopy done, along with taking out my Mirena IUD and a DNC completed. I was having the Laparoscopy as they found another cyst on my left ovary that had not went away. When they went in, they found that cysts, drained it, found one on my right ovary, and some endometriosis that she burned off. They were successful of getting the IUD out and getting the dnc completed. The doctor told my mom that the cysts are normal with me having PCOS, but it isn't normal for them to hang around for several months at a time and keep growing like they were. She is going to keep a close eye and see if not having the Mirena IUD will help out with my cyst problem as when I had it in, they were larger and staying longer than typical. Plus she had no clue that I had endometriosis until she went in there and she will keep a close eye on anything else new.

Overall, from the time I went into the hospital until I left the hospital, I was there for about 5 hours. They gave me some medicine before anesthia to help prevent me from getting nauseated and it WORKED. If you have ever been sick to your stomach after surgery, I highly recommend asking them to give you something prior to anything else.

The only problems that I have experienced was that when I peed, it was burning :blob_fire like a bad bladder infection. I bled heavy at first at the hospital down there and they changed my pad 2 times during surgery and then before I changed clothes they had me to change. I have 3 incisions right at the bottom portion of my belly button and then another incision where my left ovary is. Still drowsy from the pain medicine, and my stomach is sore like I've done a ton of crunches in a day. They told me to not lift anything for the next 3-4 days and just to take it easy.

I thought I would update you all of what happened and the effects, etc in case someone else ever had to go through it. We'll just have to wait and see when I get my period and any side effects from this.

Word of advice....with gyn doctors (or any doctor for that matter), when you think something isn't right or the doctor says "that's normal with PCOS", you have every right to get a second opinion. I did and I am extremely grateful that I found one that understands what is going on and is experienced in this.

Thanks guys for the thoughts and prayers and messages. I really appreciate them.[/QUOTE]

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