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Re: Bleeding on Yaz
Jul 13, 2006
mscoffee77 - I just wanted to let you know about my experience with YAZ. I actually had breakthrough bleeding the ENTIRE first month on YAZ. I got my period the day before the first white pill...I had a normal period, and then the breakthrough bleeding stopped completely when my period was over. I'm on week two of the second pack, and I haven't had any bleeding since. Now, let's just hope it stays that way! So, don't worry....just hang in there. There's a REALLY long thread on here somewhere about YAZ. A lot of girls that posted had the exact same problem. I know it's really annoying, but it will stop. I think it's mainly because these pills have such a low dosage of hormones. :rolleyes:
Re: Bleeding on Yaz
May 18, 2008
I used to take Yaz they say its the best new BC out but i know several people that have had problems with it.When i was on Yaz i would often miss periods or i would have breakthrough bleeding. i was on it from may of 07 til april of this year. I had to get my doctor to change it... And its always a good idea to use a back up method during the first three or four months of starting a new oral contraceptive.You may need to change it if the problems continue...Tell your doctor when you go back and he may change it... I hope this helps you out... PLease Let me know if i helped you at all...

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