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I just wanted to let you all know that I've had a good experience with YAZ also. After a rough first month with breakthrough bleeding, it finally went away. I had a horrible experience with gave me panic attacks. However, I haven't had a single attack while on YAZ. I feel great. I'm on my third pack, and I can tell that my body is adjusting more and more every day. My face is also clearing up from the first month...I just noticed a pimple here or there...nothing major. My only complaints would be sore breasts and a decreased libido, but that's even starting to come back now. :) I didn't think I would ever try BCP again after taking Mircette, but YAZ is actually working out for me.
Hey all...

I too am on Yaz, I was on Desogen for 6 years, and my Doc changed me after a bout with some breakthrough bleeding.. I am LOVING yaz!!!! My sex drive is back and I am one happy camper. I am on my 3rd pack of pills, and this month I didn't have a period at all.. anyone else have this happen?? I took a pregnancy test and it was negitive.. so I guess this is the only side effect I am having.. just wondering if anyone else is too??


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