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I also had a positive experience with yaz. I am currently on my second month. I have been on bcp's for over 10 years now, mostly ortho tricyclen/cyclen/tricyclen lo, then lutera, and now yaz. with the otc's, i felt really anxious all the time - i even had some panic attacks over no reason at all. i also would get dizzy and tingly if i took the pills too close together at the start of my cycle. the only good part about the OTC's was that my skin was always very clear. with lutera, i hated it. it gave me cotton mouth, an extremely oily face, same irritability, and generally no improvements besides the lack of feeling sick/nauseous. On both my sex drive completely disappeared, which I'ms ure was a welcome thing for my bf. i always got my period on the tuesday/wednesday of the placebo week of both types of pills, with my period being very light, no pms symptoms, and period ending around friday.

In the first month on yaz, I did experience some early fatigue, irritability, and a zit or two near my chin. But that was only for about the first 3 weeks or so.

I had no nausea, the fatigue went away, and I did lose about 3-4 lbs. But that night also be because I was working out too, I don't know.

I did notice my moods got a little less crazy, but now I also feel like I have a lot of gas in the mornings. In general I feel happier, and my sex drive is coming back - I really can feel it. My skin isn't oily anymore like on Lutera, and my skin is pretty clear like it was on OTC. I expereicned no bleeding on the yaz in my first month - once I got into the placebo pills, I got my period on the second day and had my period for about 2 days and it stopped.

Now i'm into my second week of the second month and besides a little dry mouth, I feel better than I have in a long time. Just wanted to chime in to quell some fears that other women may get after reading oly negative responses on this board.

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