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It's not a good idea to never have a period. If you are really serious about this, you need to read the book called "The Blessings of the Curse" by Susan Rako, MD. She has done extensive research into the harm it causes women's bodies to go for prolonged periods of time without a monthly bleed. Specifically it discusses how toxic the depo provera shot is for women, as well as the dangers of using Seasonale and any other pill to completely stop your period.

I highly suggest you read her book and then you will understand why it's imperative that you have a monthly bleed. It's ok to skip your period once in a while if you have something coming up and don't want to deal with your period during that time. But you can develop a crapload of problems if you completely stop your period all together. And being over 40, you can't afford to have those kinds of health problems. You probably shouldn't be on hormonal birth control anymore at your age, anyway. So I'm surprised your doc prescribed it for you.
In danger of opening a can of worms but why would it not be good to be on hormonal birth control if you're over 40? I'm really pleased to be on the pill again and was glad the doctor prescribed me the pill. I have had a break for about 12 years or so but this fiddling with condoms was never any good really. It reduced your period pains so that's another advantage I like about the pill. And now I know when I get my period I really missed that for years after I had stopped.

Edit: the leaflet also states it's ok. I have never smoked.

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